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10 December 2015

The Arab Transitions Plenary Meeting in Rome

The project's Consortium organised a series of closed and open meetings discussing the initial results and the current status of the project's delivery. The ArabTransitions team also participated in a MED Dialogue meetings.

During the Open Plenary Meeting members of the Consortium discussed the current progress of the project and its initial findings in areas such as perceptions of security, well-being, trust, media, young people, as well as the role of the EU. The members of the audience were presented with the project team's perspective on implications of the results for the current understanding of social, political, and economic situation in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

The key presentations were delivered by the project's Scientific Leader Dr Andrea Teti, Project Manager Dr Kathryn Vincent, and QA Officer Professor Pamela Abbott. 

 Advisory board members present:

  • Prof Michelle PACE, Professor of Political Sciences, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Helene MICHOU, Coordinadora proyecto Masar Ciudadanía, Programa MASAR, Spain
  • Dr Michael ROBBINS, Director, ArabBarometer, University of Michigan
  • Dr Lucia SORBERA, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
  • Dr Gennaro GERVASIO, Lecturer, Department of Political Sciences, British University of Cairo
  • Dr Nicola PRATT, Professor, University of Warwick
  • Dr Jan Völkel, Visiting Professor, Cairo University 
  • Dr Sara AbabnehVisiting Scholar, Centre for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan
  • Dr Shelley DEANEDirector, Brehon Advisory, UK


Consortium team members present: 

  • Dr Bert Preiss, Researcher,Graz University, Austria
  • Prof Abdenasser DJABI, Research Director, CREAD, Algeria
  • Dr Mohammed Benguerna, Research Director, CREAD, Algeria
  • Dr Louisa DRIS-AIT HAMADOUCH, Researcher, CREAD, Algeria
  • Dr Fadila Akkache, Researcher, CREAD, Algeria
  • Dr Mariana Crismaru Team Expert, Conclusia, Moldova
  • Dr Francesco Cavatorta (Dublin City University)
  • Dr Aida Saidani, Researcher, ASSF(Applied Social Science Forum), Tunisia
  • Dr Walid Alkhatib, Director, Public Opinion Polling Department, Centre for Strategic Studies, Jordan
  • Rania Yousef Taher MASHAL, Researcher, Centre for Strategic Studies, Jordan


Executive Committee members present:

 University of Aberdeen team members/organisers present:

  • Dr Ilia Xypolia, Researcher Fellow
  • Dr Viola Sarnelli, Researcher Assistant
  • Mustafa Khedewi, Researcher
  • Saerom Han, Researcher
  • Sarah Elizabeth Hynek, Researcher
  • Dr Vera Lomazzi, Research Assistant
  • Cristian Luguzan, Research Assistant



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