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11 December 2015

Arab Transitions official delegation participates in the Mediterranean Dialogues forum in Rome

An official delegation from the Arab Transitions members led by Dr Andrea Teti participated at the Rome Mediterranean Dialogues 2015. Dr Andrea focused on Arab Transitions survey results and stability in Libya.

Over the years, the regional context has deteriorated, gaps have not been bridged while crises, conflicts and multifaceted threats have been piling up.The Rome Mediterranean Dialogues 2015 focused on the stability, shared prosperity and economic integration in a regional context that has deteriorated, in order to bridge gaps calling for a new narrative to deal with the transformations, as well as increasing misperceptions and distrust on both shores of the Mediterranean, reshaping a comprehensive dialogue as a crucial need.

"MED – Rome Mediterranean Dialogues” is thus intended to give a new momentum to relations and cooperation across the region. In particular, this independent and high-level initiative aim at stimulating new ideas on the transformations afoot in the extended Mediterranean region, in order to re-think traditional approaches and address shared challenges, both at regional and international level.

The main pillars of the conference:

  • Shared Prosperity
  • Migration
  • Shared Security
  • Media, Culture & Society

The event gathered 150 leaders, representing governments, parliaments, international organizations, businessmen and civil society of the Northern and Southern shores of the Mediterranean, as well as other relevant Countries. 

Among the prominent speakers

Giorgio Napolitano, President Emeritus of the Italian Republic; Honorary President, ISPI

Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, King, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Nabil El-Araby, Secretary General, Arab League

Matteo Renzi, President of the Council of Ministers, Italy

As one of the leading international research projects that focuses on transitions in the Arab World, the project (Arab transitions) has effectively contributed in a panel concerning the challenge of stability in Libya.

The featured panel was co-organised by ISPI (Conference hosts for the Italian government) and by the Arab Transitions project.

The chair of the panel: Paolo VALENTINO, Diplomatic Correspondent, Corriere della Sera


  • Pier Ferdinando CASINI, Chairperson of the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Emigration, Italy
  • Karim MEZRAN, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, Washington D.C.
  • Alison PARGETER, North Africa Analyst; Senior Research Fellow, RUSI, London
  • Andrea TETI, Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
  • Mattia TOALDO, Policy Fellow, ECFR, London Arturo VARVELLI Research Fellow, Head of Terrorism Program, ISPI


 Video of Discussions -



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