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25 April 2016

Dr Andrea Teti Speaks at SPUI 25, University of Amsterdam

Dr Andrea Teti is a speaker at the SPIU 25 event entitled "The betrayal of Democracy Europe and the Arab Uprisings five years on."

The betrayal of democracy: Europe and the Arab uprisings five years on

In cooperation with the ACCESS Europe Programme, University of Amsterdam


This evening debate focuses on relations between Europe and the Middle East five years after the Arab Spring uprisings of 2010 and the anti-austerity movements in Europe. Dr Andrea Teti (University of Aberdeen) will present his analysis on the inability of the EU to shore up popular movements.

With Andrea Teti, Polly Pallister-Wilkins and Chiara de Cesari.

Protest movements in Europe and the Middle East called for a greater political voice, a more equitable economy, and greater social justice. Yet five years after the mass mobilisation of the 'Arab Uprisings' and of Europe's anti-austerity  movements, protests seem to have fallen on deaf ears, ignored or subverted. The Middle East has seen a powerful wave of counter-revolution sweep the region. In Europe, the political landscape has drifted slowly but surely to the xenophobic right, and contemporary security politics has a strong exclusionary dimension.

This evening takes stock of processes of democratisation and European identity-building in historical perspective. The current political moment is placed in the longer historical context of European post-colonial heritage. This roundtable considers Europe's processes of identity building and how they relate to the responses to the 2010-15 wave of protests. 

About the speakers

Andrea Teti is Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the University of Aberdeen specializing in Middle-Eastern politics and democratization. An expert on EU policy towards the 'Southern Neighbourhood' and on Egypt in particular, Dr Teti is Scientific Lead and Coordinator of the ArabTrans consortium, a 3-year 12-partner project funded under the EU's FP7 programme to analyse trends and transformations in the Arab Region after the 2010-2011 Uprisings.

Polly Pallister-Wilkins is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam whose research deals with humanitarian intervention and border control in the Mediterranean and the Middle-East. She will comment on Andrea Teti's talk.

Chiara de Cesari is an anthropologist and an NGO assistant professor with a double appointment in European Studies and in Cultural Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She is currently completing a book titled Heritage and the Struggle for Palestine, and is co-editor of Transnational Memories: Circulation, Articulation, Scales.

Marieke de Goede, theme leader of the Europe and the World research theme at ACCESS EUROPE and Professor of Politics at the UvA, will chair the event.

Author: Andrea Teti

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