The Arab Transformations Project

The Arab Transformations Project: Political and Social Transformations in the Arab World

The Arab Transformations project investigates the root causes of the Arab Uprisings, which became popularly known as the ‘Arab Spring’.

It analyses the economic, social, and political changes in Arab MENA countries directly after this radical period of change and explores the outlook for the region.

Based on large-scale cross-national surveys in North Africa, Jordan, and Iraq asking 85 questions and collecting nearly 300 variables, the Project explores respondents’ opinions across a broad range of topics. These include:

  • EU/MENA Relations
  • Security
  • Quality of Life
  • Gender
  • Social Media and Youth
  • Corruption
  • Migration
  • Politics and Relgion
  • Trust
  • Drivers of Uprisings 

The Project offers country by country analysis across these themes.

  • Egypt
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Iraq
  • Algeria
  • Jordan

Voters in the Libyan elections 2012 (source: Flickr)

  Voters in the Libyan elections 2012 (source: Flickr)

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